About the Institute
The Institute of Air Conditioning and District Heating carries out research and implementation works for the industry and other institutions. The Institute also prepares and performs expert opinions, measurements, technical analyses, audits, forensic reports for courts, prosecutor's office and parties to the proceedings, as well as assessments of design solutions. We cooperate with high class experts having practical and theoretical knowledge with an access to specialist measurement equipment and advanced laboratory background. As far as science is concerned, the Institute closely investigates problems which concern programming, designing, executing and operating air conditioning which create and protect the microclimate in rooms and buildings as well as supplying municipalities and industry with heating. Another concerns are: plumbing and fire-fighting, heat engineering and thermodynamics, natural gas engineering, balneotechnology as well as plants providing services to mass recipients. The interdisciplinary character of the Department of Environmental Engineering makes the Institute of Air Conditioning and District Heating research workers well acquainted with the aspects of what is generally understood as water conservation and waste water disposal, environmental management, regional policy and strategic development planning as well as with regulations concerning structural funds of the European Union.